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Our Goal And Mission

The Yoga of Service

Sat Nam Foundation was created by a team of Kundalini yogis who wanted a simple and powerful way for people all over the globe to serve their fellow humans. We dreamed of a way that we could spotlight the causes and charities that we know and love and give other yogis a way to personally connect with and donate to amazing organizations who are changing lives. Our Board of Directors grew out of the record label Spirit Voyage, where we first established Kirtan Aid as a way to give the transformational music of sacred chant a tangible way of transforming the world. Kirtan Aid has now raised over $100,000 and built housing for abused and orphaned children in India, brought emergency relief to Haiti and Hurricane Sandy victims, and supported the rebuilding of Nepal.   Sat Nam Foundation is expanding its reach to support feeding the hungry in South Africa and bringing yoga to incarcerated youth from LA to Mexico City. We also lead Seva Retreats, a combination of yoga, chanting and service retreats, where people can come in direct contact with those our funds support.

At Sat Nam Foundation, we dream of a world where yogis are known for their service and seva becomes as central to a yoga practice as asana and pranayama.