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Nepal Earthquake Relief

Nepal is one of the homelands of the yogic tradition, and its time to take care of the people whose culture has so richly nourished ours. The Sat Nam Foundation is funding groups on the ground bringing supplies and support to the hardest hit areas of Nepal.

We are working with our friends at Ramana’s Garden Children’s Home, the site of our last Seva project, who are organizing tents and supplies to be hiked in to some of the most remote regions where aid isn’t already getting in.

We are also working with The Divine Shakti Foundation, headed by leaders of Parmarth Niketan Ashram in Rishikesh, India, who are organizing large truckloads to take desperately needed aid into Nepal.

They are sending food, tents, lanterns, blankets, clothing, insect repellent and medical supplies.  Lives are being saved with each  delivery.

It is people like us who must step up now and serve.  We can help prevent the second wave of disasters…the aftermath of the earthquake brings disease, poverty, and violence.

We have already raised over $37,000 for people in Nepal.  Help us change more lives by giving to our Nepal Relief fund today!


The Origin of Kirtan Aid

Kirtan Aid began with a simple email to employees at Spirit Voyage.  Hurricane Sandy was raging up the US East coast. A member of our warehouse team emailed everyone and said, “Why can’t we do something to help?”  And I couldn’t think of a single reason we couldn’t.  I called Karan Khalsa, CEO of Spirit Voyage and future Founder of Sat Nam Foundation, and got approval for the project.  In my work as Director of Marketing for Spirit Voyage at the time, I had gotten to know many artists and musicians in the kirtan world.  I called on everyone and asked for a simple favor…”Can we sell your music to raise money to help people rebuild their lives?”  YES!  We heard from artists one after another.  Very quickly we pulled the contracts together, a cover was created and we launched Kirtan Aid: Chants for Hurricane Sandy which raised thousands of dollars to Hurricane Sandy relief.  When it was all said and done, we were amazed at what the yoga and chant community had come together to do.  We asked ourselves the question again “Why can’t we do something to help?” and Karan Khalsa began the process of establishing the Sat Nam Foundation to answer that question again.

There have been several Kirtan Aid albums now. Over $100,000 has been raised to help people in times of trouble and situations of need.  The yoga and chant community continues to amaze us with their support and energy.

I’ll never forget that it all came from one question…”Why can’t we do something to help?”  The answer is always “We can!”  Let’s get to it…