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Support Ocean Rescue for Refugees in Greece

Download the Kirtan Aid album from Spirit Voyage’s website, or donate to our campaign here in any amount!!

WE SURPASSED OUR INITIAL $10,000 GOAL!  THANK YOU TO ALL OUR DONORS!  We have now added an additional $10,000 to our goal to begin purchasing supplies for refugees as they cross the waters.  They need clothing and toiletries and sleeping bags and more.  Thank you for supporting this incredible life-saving work.

Overwhelmed by the footage of children drowning while their parents desperately attempt to save their lives fleeing the violence in Syria, Jai Dev has offered his services to join rescue efforts.  As a certified open water rescue life guard, he has been authorized to join rescue efforts.  Equipment and travel are all he needs.  Help us send Jai Dev to Lesbos!

Over 125,000 refugees came to shore via boats to Lesbos, Greece in October 2015 alone.  Many people fleeing the conflict in Syria don’t make it to shore because of overcrowded boats and bad weather.  Drownings are very common.  Lifeguards make all the difference in getting people to shore.

Whatever your political views are on this mass refugee movement, children should not be left to die at sea.

We are sponsoring Michael Jai Dev DeNicola, an experienced certified Lifeguard and Search & Rescue crew member (and Kundalini yogi!) to help bring people to shore in partnership with other non-profit organizations.

Help us get our sevadar on the ground!  Funds raised will cover travel, lodging and lifeguarding gear (see below!) to support our sevadar in their search and rescue mission.

– Search and Rescue Drysuit/boots
– Night Vision/Infrared Monocular
– Rescue Fins
– Dive Knife
– Waterproof Eco Flare & lights
– First aid and safety gear (Flotation device)
– Dry Gear (PaquaPouch)

Message from Jai Dev:

The island is Lesvos and the refugees arriving are in desperate need of help – in the waters, on land, in their hearts and spirits. Not all of us can jump on a plane and help with our hands, but we can work as a collective to give support through prayer and donation. Your efforts make a difference.

I am in a position where I have the time and freedom to help. I possess a strong set of skills and experience in cold, rough oceans that will be particularly useful in the saving of lives – especially as winter approaches.

Jai Dev

Last summer I rescued a drowning child from the Hawaiian ocean. My heart was deeply touched and became motivated to continue helping people stay safe in the ocean. When the crisis in Lesvos was brought into my awareness, tears dropped from my eyes as I saw videos of children drowning on their way to freedom.

I am going to help as many refugees as I can safely cross the waters towards their dream of freedom and peace.

My experience with swimming/ocean:
– Started swimming when I was 2 years old
– Full time swimmer through high school
– Head of a lifeguard team for 6 years
– 2 years leading groups into wilderness setting on Alaskan waters
– Received top of the line training in cold water rescues – Alaskan oceans during winter.
-Certified Wilderness First Responder, First Aid, CPR
– Experience making rescues in Hawaiin waters
– Lived and swam regularly in oceans of Caribbean Islands, Alaska, Hawaii, California, Indonesia, Taiwan, Thailand Islands for 6 years.

This is a serious journey and effort, that requires precise  gear to keep me safe and allow me to be the most effective. I am in contact with lifeguard teams (Team Humanity, Lifeguards Hellas) that are currently serving, and they have recommended a gear list.  I am asking for your support to help me purchase the correct gear, to travel to Lesbos, and to live while I am serving.

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