Kirtan Aid: Standing Rock



The people of Standing Rock Sioux Tribe have stepped up in powerful non-violent protest to protect the life-giving waters that run through their land.  Their efforts have ​impeded the $3.7 billion Dakota Access oil pipeline known as DAPL.

Now that the cameras have stopped rolling, the water protectors have a long fight ahead of them.  In order to ensure that this temporary delay becomes a lasting victory, they have to stay at Standing Rock.  But winter is here, and the dangers of staying there in these severe conditions are becoming more intense each day.

Kirtan Aid: Standing Rock brings together a community of musicians who are activists and peace makers who stand with Standing Rock!


We hope to inspire people around the world to join us in supporting Standing Rock.  We hope that you will use this opportunity to give to this important movement, and take our music as a gift of gratitude.

Track List for Kirtan Aid: Standing Rock  {‌{Listen to All Clips}‌}

  1. Eagle’s Sight by Estas Tonne, Pepe Danza  {‌{Listen}‌}
  2. Love Is A Fortress by Tina Malia {‌{Listen}‌}
  3. All Nations Rise by Lyla June Johnston {‌{Listen}‌}
  4. I Am Thine by Jai-Jagdeesh {‌{Listen}‌}
  5. Water She Dances by Rising Appalachia/The Dogon Lights {‌{Listen}‌}
  6. All Related by Nessi Gomes {‌{Listen}‌}
  7. Darti Hai by Gurunam Singh {‌{Listen}‌}
  8. The Brightest Night by Todd Boston {‌{Listen}‌}
  9. Akaal by Ajeet Kaur with Trevor Hall {‌{Listen}‌}
  10. Sacred Stone by Jamshied Sharifi {‌{Listen}‌}
  11. Water Song by Carrie Tree {‌{Listen}‌}
  12. Agua by Bolé {‌{Listen}‌}
  13. Chattr Chakkr by Snatam Kaur {‌{Listen}‌}
  14. Corazon de la Tierra by Alma Tierra {‌{Listen}‌}
  15. Song Of Bliss by Simrit {‌{Listen}‌}
  16. Ganapati Mantra/Strong My Roots by Deva Premal & Miten {‌{Listen}‌}
  17. Ma by GuruGanesha Singh {‌{Listen}‌}
  18. Feathers by Kailash Kokopelli {‌{Listen}‌}
  19. Triple Mantra by Nirinjan Kaur {‌{Listen}‌}
  20. Sat Narayan by Ram Dass {‌{Listen}‌}
  21. Rebirth of a Thought: Between Water & Fire by Estas Tonne {‌{Listen}‌}
  22. Song Of The Stars by Mirabai Ceiba {‌{Listen}‌}

“The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything.” – Albert Einstein

Over the last year, the water protectors prayerful protests were met with violent, militaristic response by the US Government and local law enforcement, bringing to head the conflict between the forces of corporate​ greed and the rights of indigenous people, between the intent to monetize our earth and the intent to protect our earth.

Thousands traveled to the banks of the Missouri River to stand in solidarity with Standing Rock.   Millions have voiced their support online, urging our leaders to make the right decision and stop the construction of this dangerous pipeline beneath precious and irreplaceable waters.  The project was temporarily halted, but a new administration is about to take over, and indications are pointing to this fight needing much greater support.

Use of Funds:  The funds we raise with this project will be used in the following ways.

First, many of the people who are serving at Standing Rock are elders and indigenous people whose financial struggles started long before this movement.  With the onset of winter, they are desperately in need of winter-ready tents and sleeping bags, not to mention food and firewood.  Some of the musicians whose music is on our Kirtan Aid: Standing Rock are on the ground at Standing Rock helping to provide supplies, get food and more.  Your donations will allow us to keep the people of Standing Rock warm, clothed and fed.

Secondly, we will be donating to the medical and emergency support of the water protectors.  The treatment of the water protectors and activists of standing rock is inhumane.  They have been shot with rubber bullets, sprayed with water cannons in sub-freezing temperatures, doused with tear gas, and attacked with percussion grenades.  The need for emergency services is growing, and supplies are in high demand.

Thirdly, we will be directly supporting the legal process of Standing Rock.  The battle to protect this water and the rights of the indigenous people will ultimately need to be won in the court of law.  Being able to fund the process of taking this fight through the court system with strong capable lawyers is critical to the long-term success of this movement.

Finally, we will be funding activist efforts to bring political pressure to the movement to honor the rights of indigenous people and people of all ethnic and religious backgrounds..  We will put the pressure on politicians from the bottom to the top of the food chain to make this a priority in their platforms.  Standing Rock is a symptom of a ​much larger problem for the rights of marginalized people in the United States, and we believe that it can give birth to a new generation of politicians who make our voices heard.

Please donate today and Stand with Standing Rock!


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