Feed the Hungry at Rosie’s Kitchen

The damaging effects of apartheid are still being felt in South Africa. During that regime, many settlements sprang up on the outskirts of Cape Town, and the regime created “black neighborhoods” in attempt to deal with the problem. One of these neighborhoods is called Khayelitsha, and it is the largest township in Cape Town. A population of about 406,000 live there, 40% of whom are under the age of 19, and almost three-quarters in shacks. 1 in 3 people do not have immediate access to water, and have to walk at least 200m to get it.

About 20 years ago, a woman named Rosie Gwadiso and her sister Tandy began feeding the people of their community. They weren’t sure where the food and supplies would come from, but had faith in the work they were doing. Today they feed between 350-400 people a day, mostly children, out of a 10ft x10ft shack. In recent years, donations from international organizations have become scarce, and Rosie often runs out of supplies. There are times when she has to turn people away because she cannot feed them.  Help us change that by supporting Rosie in getting what she needs most so she can fill every hungry belly!

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