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Ramdesh Kaur is on the Board of Directors for Sat Nam Foundation. A dedicated Kundalini yoga teacher, she is the author of "Yoga and Mantras for a Whole Heart" and has numerous guided meditation CDs. She has lived in Rishikesh, India and loves to lead the Seva Retreats to share the transformational power of Seva and Karma Yoga with people.

Sat Nam Foundation Lifeguard Returns from Greece

Michael Jai Dev returns after several months in Lesbos, Greece working to rescue refugees from the ocean.  After a few weeks working as a lifeguard from the shore, he teamed up with an Irish group and worked round-the-clock on open-sea rescues.  Before he and his team got onto the ocean, 35 people a day were drowning.  In the time that they worked on lifeguarding, zero people drowned in the Greek waters.  We are utterly grateful to each and every one of you for contributing and will have more information from Jai Dev about his time there soon.


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Seva Retreat Paints a Mural for Ramana’s Garden Children’s Home

Our Seva Retreat 2016 to Ramana’s Garden Children’s Home had such an incredible time!  We were blessed to stay in the dormitory built by our Kirtan Aid funds and that we worked to move rocks for during our first Seva Retreat in 2014.  Each room has beautiful windows, stone walls, and a private bathroom.  The entire building is operated off the grid with solar and wind power.  There was even a yoga hall built behind it that has lovely bamboo floors and an incredibly ornate hand-made door (all volunteer work!)

Our sevadars this year were excited to paint a large mural with the children just outside the new dormitory.  Harnam Singh led us in the project (sponsored with paint by Liquitex…thank you!) and everyone, adults and kids alike, had a blast creating this beautiful piece of art.  We are thrilled they will get to  enjoy this forever!




Kirtan Aid: Refugee Rescue Deluxe Edition

Kirtan Aid: Rescue Refugees Deluxe Edition is a result of the incredible outpouring of love and support from sacred chant artists around the world who wanted to get involved with the Sat Nam Foundation’s projects to help refugees flooding into Greece from war torn areas. Over 1 million people have sought refuge on the shores of Europe, desperate to flee war and start a better life for their families. It is the greatest humanitarian crisis of our time and sacred chant artists from the USA, Mexico and Europe have all stepped forward to be a part of this ground-breaking album.

Kirtan Aid brings together sacred chant musicians and Spirit Voyage Artists who have donated their music to create a better future for us all by supporting our global family during times of disaster and need. Many people fleeing the conflict in Syria don’t make it to shore because of overcrowded boats and bad weather. Drownings are very common. Lifeguards make all the difference in getting people to shore. The funds from this Kirtan Aid album will be sending a highly trained search and rescue lifeguard who can save the lives of people who don’t make it safely to shore. Our Deluxe Edition will allow us to expand our operations in Greece to meet the greatest area of need. Help us now! Together we can save lives and make a difference.

To make a donation of any amount directly to the Sat Nam Foundation and read more about the work that Kirtan Aid supports, go to

Many thanks to the independent artists and record labels who have made this album possible by donating their music. Special thanks to Spirit Voyage (, Sat Nam Versand ( and Malimba Records (


1 Carry Me Snatam Kaur
2 Ocean of My Dreams Mirabai Ceiba
3 Awakened David Newman
4 Peace Ajeet Kaur
5 Like a Calm Lake Gurunam Singh
6 Deep Blue Sea Snatam Kaur
7 Ardas Bhaee Jai-Jagdeesh
8 Rakhe Rakhanhar White Sun
9 Peace on this Land Dharampal Kaur
10 Gobinday Mukunday Tera Naam
11 Ek Ong Kar Tina Malia
12 With You Now (I Am Thine) Charanpal Kaur
13 We All Want Love (Ra Ma Da Sa) Bachan
14 Sat Narayan Ram Dass Khalsa
15 Ik Ardas (One Prayer) Pritpal Singh Khalsa
16 Chant to Yamaya Heather Houston
17 Propechy Luna Ray
18 I’ll Be Fine (Guru Ram Das) Harnam
19 Ek Ong Kar Sat Gur Prasad Gurudass Kaur
20 Ishq Allah Sudha
21 Long Time Sun Heather Waxman
22 Let That Water Wash Over Me     Peia

Announcing the 2016 Seva Retreat at Ramana’s Garden

We’re thrilled to be leading our second Seva Retreat to Rishikesh, India from March 7-13, 2016.

Our journey of service will take us the shores of the Ganga River and the foothills of the Himalaya to a holy pilgrimage city, where yogis have meditated for thousands of years.  Each morning, we’ll start our day with Kundalini yoga and chanting to connect with our souls in this most holy of cities before heading off to serve at Ramana’s Garden Home for Destitute Children.  Here there will be opportunities to serve in a variety of ways, and you will be forever touched by the sweet smiles on the faces of the children around you.

Our retreat will be hosted by Ramdesh Kaur and Ajeet Kaur and will feature additional Kundalini yoga classes with Gurmukh and an art project with Harnam.

Get your tickets on Eventbrite here.

“Blessed by the ones who serve others.  They are the ones who find heaven on earth.” ~Yogi Bhajan




Sat Nam Foundation’s Dormitory Complete!

ramanasdormitory3Our brand new dormitory built entirely through Sat Nam Foundation funding is finally complete at Ramana’s Garden Children’s Home in Rishikesh, India.  Many young children will finally have a clean, warm and safe place to live, learn and attend school.  We are so proud of everyone who contributed, especially our Seva Retreat volunteers who helped to clear the rocks to lay the foundation for this project and the musicians who donated to our album “Kirtan Aid: Orphans of Rishikesh”!

We continue to accept donations on behalf of the children at Ramana’s Garden to further their care and education!



Some shots of the children enjoying their new home…



And our volunteers removing the stones for the foundation!

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Nepal Earthquake Relief

Nepal is one of the homelands of the yogic tradition, and its time to take care of the people whose culture has so richly nourished ours. The Sat Nam Foundation is funding groups on the ground bringing supplies and support to the hardest hit areas of Nepal.

We are working with our friends at Ramana’s Garden Children’s Home, the site of our last Seva project, who are organizing tents and supplies to be hiked in to some of the most remote regions where aid isn’t already getting in.

We are also working with The Divine Shakti Foundation, headed by leaders of Parmarth Niketan Ashram in Rishikesh, India, who are organizing large truckloads to take desperately needed aid into Nepal.

They are sending food, tents, lanterns, blankets, clothing, insect repellent and medical supplies.  Lives are being saved with each  delivery.

It is people like us who must step up now and serve.  We can help prevent the second wave of disasters…the aftermath of the earthquake brings disease, poverty, and violence.

We have already raised over $37,000 for people in Nepal.  Help us change more lives by giving to our Nepal Relief fund today!


The Origin of Kirtan Aid

Kirtan Aid began with a simple email to employees at Spirit Voyage.  Hurricane Sandy was raging up the US East coast. A member of our warehouse team emailed everyone and said, “Why can’t we do something to help?”  And I couldn’t think of a single reason we couldn’t.  I called Karan Khalsa, CEO of Spirit Voyage and future Founder of Sat Nam Foundation, and got approval for the project.  In my work as Director of Marketing for Spirit Voyage at the time, I had gotten to know many artists and musicians in the kirtan world.  I called on everyone and asked for a simple favor…”Can we sell your music to raise money to help people rebuild their lives?”  YES!  We heard from artists one after another.  Very quickly we pulled the contracts together, a cover was created and we launched Kirtan Aid: Chants for Hurricane Sandy which raised thousands of dollars to Hurricane Sandy relief.  When it was all said and done, we were amazed at what the yoga and chant community had come together to do.  We asked ourselves the question again “Why can’t we do something to help?” and Karan Khalsa began the process of establishing the Sat Nam Foundation to answer that question again.

There have been several Kirtan Aid albums now. Over $100,000 has been raised to help people in times of trouble and situations of need.  The yoga and chant community continues to amaze us with their support and energy.

I’ll never forget that it all came from one question…”Why can’t we do something to help?”  The answer is always “We can!”  Let’s get to it…