One thought on “Announcing Plans for the Sat Nam Eco-Village in Nepal

  1. Sat Nam.Thanks Snatam for sharing your pearonsl thoughts and insights. Anytime we as yogis, and especially men, can gain some insight into how a woman – a creative embodiment of the Goddess – thinks and in your sense, solving a pearonsl issue spiritually as a conscious being it helps us understand our role as light-bringers in this world. It’s important that we all (men and women) recognize on our path that we can manage our thoughts, doubts, koo-coo’s , and unexplainable moments right along with our bliss, happiness and holiness. Walking thoughtfully, fearlessly and consciously into the heart of the matter, and offering your perspective on how you regained your flow of light, makes for a very educational insight Because it is real. Your story helps us all realize the common nature our shared experience – be it an artist dealing with doubts, or an equally important pearonsl moment of dealing with an internal resistance – so we may capture those moments of presence to communicate with our Higher Selves and elevate Us all into a more understanding level of consciousness. Thanks.Wahe Guru.

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